Photo of Richard Sarnwick

I am certain a healthy future is within our reach:

One where the middle class makes a living wage instead of just scraping by.
One where affordable health care is a right rather than a privilege.
One where the environment is protected as the precious finite resource it is.
One where we are no longer passed over for the most basic of technology needs.

Healthy Economy

The middle class is disappearing. Many people are working in jobs that do not support a living wage, while a privileged few are becoming increasingly wealthy, leading to a viscous cycle of income disparity and segregation. There is far too much income in the top 5%. If we want to have a community and country without divisiveness, we need to raise taxes for the upper 5-10%. I believe unions continue to serve a purpose in advocating for a living wage and safe working conditions.

We need to make our voice heard in Madison and ask for dollars to be funneled to our area of the state the way tax dollars have been funneled to southeast Wisconsin. I support equal wages and equal opportunities for women.

Healthy Community

In many countries, basic health care is seen as the same right as a public education, providing benefits to both the state and to the individual. In this district, the problem is high deductibles and high co-pays. It is very difficult for many people, small business owners to independent farmers, to get decent coverage at a decent price.

Our area, like the rest of the state and the country, is facing an opioid crisis. I would like to start an opioid treatment clinic in Shawano to serve District 6. I believe in investing in addiction treatment rather than incarceration, with studies showing this approach of medical action over criminal trial and treatment over prison time resulting in less drug use and lower death rates due to drugs. I believe marijuana should be legalized and taxed.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and District 6 has high levels of radon. I want to make homeowners aware of cost-effective testing kits and mitigation systems available to them so they can protect their own health.

I support a woman's right to choose a legal, safe abortion. I support same sex marriage and believe in being on the right side of history and humanity on this issue.

Healthy Environment

We are leaving a legacy of environmental thoughtlessness which will affect the quality of life for our children and especially our grandchildren. We are focused on taking the cream off the top of the earth when we should be focused on the long-term health of our environment.

We need to look at impacts businesses are having on the environment, whether those businesses are farming, sand mining, high-capacity wells or ore mining. Residents are concerned about large dairy farms endangering the water table for miles around them and the quality of the air we breathe.

Healthy Recreation

The ethos of Wisconsin is its natural resources - pristine woods, water and wildlife - and the recreation they provide. I am a hunter who opposes bump stocks and assault weapons for individuals.

Healthy Infrastructure

Broadband access is extremely poor, even non-existent in many rural parts of Shawano and the surrounding area. That lack of access to technology is preventing children from learning, it's slowing economic development, and it's dissuading people from making their home here. Broadband must be our #1 infrastructure priority.

In Hortonville, a bypass would improve quality of life, particularly in the downtown area. We've already seen the positive effects of a bypass in Shawano.

Healthy Election

Big money should not decide elections. I oppose voter ID, believing it is an attempt by Republicans to limit voting by race and income.

I support term limits of four years for the Assembly and six years for the Senate. Until term limits are in place, when an elected official has served many years in office without significant tangible results, it's up to voters to cast their vote for a healthier future.