Photo of Richard Sarnwick

I am certain a healthy future is within our reach.

One where the middle class makes a living wage instead of just scraping by.
One where affordable health care is a right rather than a privilege.
One where the environment is protected as the precious finite resource it is.
One where we are no longer passed over for the most basic of technology needs.

About Dick Sarnwick

"I moved to Shawano because of the quality of life and quality of the environment. That's no longer the case for this area. I want to do all I can to leave this a better place for the next generation."

Dick Sarnwick moved to the area in 1990 with his wife Gail, drawn by the quality of life, the clean water and air, and the opportunity to work as a rural doctor caring for people from every walk of life, farmers to small business owners, teachers to those in the local tourism economy. As years passed, the qualities that first drew Dick to Shawano began to decline. Which is why he's running for State Assembly District 6.

This, his first campaign for political office, was undertaken with much thought of what he could do to help turn the tide in the right direction. His goal is a healthy future for the area and for Wisconsin, made possible only when there is a healthy economy, healthy environment, and healthy community. He believes there is no reason this area should be left out of progress.

"I see people in need every day, people with no health insurance, business owners struggling to make ends meet, parents concerned for the educational future of their children, residents worried about the environment. I'm running to represent them."

More About Dr. Sarnwick

Dick was a member of the academic staff and a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the late 1970s, before attending medical school at the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated with honors in biochemistry and then went on to complete his internship at Northwest General Hospital in Milwaukee. He spent six years serving in the Naval Air Reserves during those college years. After his internship, Dick worked for the Milwaukee Public Health Service for two years, caring for the medically underserved on the city's north side. From 1985-1990, Dick operated a family practice clinic in Gillett.

That experience made him acutely aware of the many challenges business owners face, including providing adequate health insurance and a living wage for employees and navigating the bureaucracies of state and federal government. Previously, Dick served as chief of staff at Shawano Medical Center. Today he serves patients from throughout the district in his family medical practice at Aurora Health Services Clinic. Over the years, he's taught and mentored medical students from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, working with students in a rural setting. During his medical career, he has delivered babies, worked in emergency rooms, and taken care of the elderly and disabled in their homes and nursing homes.

"Human relations is the biggest part of my job. One of my patients told me he comes to me because I'm a 'blue collar kind of doctor', and that meant a lot to me."

When he's not seeing patients, he's seeing to the health of the community by serving as president of the non-profit Shawano Farmers' Market. His free time is also filled with hunting, fishing, biking, and occasionally picking up his bagpipe or fiddle. He and Gail, a retired teacher, make their home in the country just west of Shawano. Their three grown children and two grandchildren all live in Wisconsin.

"All eyes are on Wisconsin right now, and why shouldn't the Shawano area be the example of what a healthy future looks like."

Letter to the Editor at The Shawano Leader, July 28, 2018.

To the editor:

I have been a doctor in Shawano for nearly 30 years and recently announced I am running for Assembly District 6 as a Democrat on a theme of "Healthy Future."

While I have heard from my patients for years their frustration with the state of health care, especially the near-impossible challenge of getting decent coverage for small business owners and farmers, what has surprised me is what I have heard since I announced my run.

While patients, as well as people I am meeting at the local farmers market, public hearings and door-to-door, are asking the tough questions regarding how to make a living wage (stop tax breaks for the 1-percenters), gun control (I am a hunter who supports stricter regulations), the environment (real worries about groundwater pollution), the opioid crisis (we need a clinic close to home, instead of jail time posing as treatment) and broadband access (time to funnel dollars here instead of to Foxconn deals), there are two issues that are producing the most bipartisan opinions: entitlement programs and immigration.

For the record, I support programs to help families in need and to break cycles of poverty, illiteracy and crime. Helping others is at the core of American and Wisconsin values. We may all find ourselves in need at some time in our lives.

As for immigration, frankly I have been surprised by those who believe immigration is a crime, particularly from those people who are third- and sometimes just second-generation in our area. The immigrants I see as patients and meet in the community are hard-working and family-oriented. Let's support them, just as immigrants to our area (our parents and grandparents) were supported not that long ago.

The primary is Aug. 14. Be sure to vote and vote with your conscience.

Richard Sarnwick,

Dr. Sarnwick played his bagpipes at the Pulaski Polka Days parade, July 22, 2018.

Dick was available to meet visitors at the Disabled Veteran Bass Fishing tournament at Huchleberry Harbor in Sahwano. Wisconsin depends on a clean environment for recreation and tourism! Keep Wisconsin's Healthy Environment! July 21, 2018.

Visiting door to door in Cloverleaf Lakes and Embarrass, WI. July 9, 2018.

Getting ready for the Bonduel Independance Day Parade July 3, 2018. Richard Sarnwick attended and played Bagpipes at the parade.

Visiting door to door in Clintonville, WI. July 7, 2018.

Fishing on Lake Michigan, June 24, 2018. Residents in my District are worried that business deals like Foxconn are the height of environmental thoughtlessness. Let's stop taking the cream off the top of the earth when we should be focused on the long-term health of our environment for the enjoyment of all, especially the next generation.

The Shawano Leader - Shawano Women's Network Candidates Forum June 20, 2018 photo of three candidates at Shawano Women's 
		Candidate Forum

Dr. Sarnwick met neighbors at the candidates forum Shawano, June 20, 2018

Dick Sarnwick attended the Wisconsin State Democratic convention, in Oshkosh, the weekend of June 1, 2018, and met many of the other candidates running for election this upcoming election season. Tammy Baldwin was the featured speaker, at the convention

At the convention Dick met the Assembly minority leader, Gordon Hintz during an Assembly candidate "rollout" meeting. The "rollout' is a way for new candidates, and seasoned Assembly office holders to meet and greet.

Conquering Mt. Ranier, May 23, 2018